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Sandy Lissette


I met Andrea at a time in my life where I was going through the most difficult moments I have ever experienced. Feeling out of alignment with myself, my purpose and lacking self love, I am grateful for the opportunity to have someone like her in my life that has instilled in me the power of believing in myself, staying in a positive mindset... and turning any negative into a positive!

It is impossible to be near her and not feel her energy take over your body. She is honest and has a pure soul, which is a rarity nowadays. 

I look forward to every session that I have with her because I know I will learn something new about myself and she makes me feel like like I could tackle the next steps of my journey. I found in her a true soul sister. thank you for empowering me.

Amber Merlo


Having Andrea as a coach has altered the course of my life- it isn't just her breadth and depth of knowledge in literally all things health and wellness, it's her compassion to meet you wherever you're at, without judgement, and help you expand into your own limitless potential. 

Andrea's passion and enthusiasm to see others level-up, wake-up, and step-up into their power is infectious! 

"Perfection" was never the goal, instead we worked on upgrading every facet of my life in the way that worked best for me and made sense for my lifestyle- she created space for me to be myself, and we celebrated my progress together. 

Simply, Andrea empowered me to be my own Guru whilst simultaneously holding a vision for me as a mentor and coach. 

Stacy Beach

"It has been life changing"

I can’t tell you how incredibly grateful I am for coming across your incredible offerings! 

No matter what life gives me, I now have the spiritual and practical tools, to process and transmute anything, into personal growth, or bliss! 

Whatever courses you create, I AM IN!

Blanca Mercedes

"Andrea maps out the path to BEST POSSIBLE ME!"
I realize now, that I’ve held myself back from being a better version of myself because I didn’t know how to get there without imagining painful work along the way.
But Andrea maps out the path from “me now” to the “best possible me” taking into consideration my preferences and current lifestyle priorities which made any adjustments we made feel easier and painless.

Hilary N., Australia

"Spiritual Awakening that started to occur!"

I worked with Andrea as a coach, after the birth of my 1st child. I gained a new perspective, love and understanding, but an even deeper blessing was the spiritual awakening that started to occur through her guidance and by simply being in her energy field.  

She is a HUGE wealth of knowledge from food, to spirituality to history, to…well you name it Andrea knows something about it and can guide you to resources to assist in your learning/awakening. 

She is a treasured friend, mentor and soul sister.  

I love you sis, thank you with my whole heart for always sharing yourself and showing up in the most authentic ways for the betterment of the collective.

Anisha Adsumilli

"Working with Andrea has been life changing! "
The thing I love most about her is that she truly gets how many different sides of life we all deal with and how many different sides of ourselves that we may be challenged by on the day to day. 

I've always felt that I've had so many moving parts to me, and at any given moment I have felt safe and invited by Andrea to reach out to her for coaching or ideas or even simply deep support. She is full of knowledge and can provide solid reasoning behind why she recommends what she does and how it can benefit our lives. 

I share the lifestyle tips I learn from Andrea with everyone I know and love!!! She continually shares from her heart and soul with such generosity, and she holds that space with love and lightness. 

Andrea lives by example and is the real deal!! She is a gorgeous human, and I will be leaning on and learning from Andrea for the rest of my life! 

Mags ONeil

"Andrea taught me to find my 
Divinity within!"

Can I just say that the experience I have had so far is incomprehensible. 
I never knew the heights to which I could soar. Andrea taught me to find my Divinity within!

I took a leap of faith (listened to my intuition, not my mind!), scheduled my own call, enrolled in Andrea's online course, and my life is on a completely new, fulfilled, and on a beautiful path! 

If you're on the fence,  just DO IT! Listen to your Heart! <3

Dorota Espinosa

"This journey is certainly an amazing one"

This journey is certainly an amazing one… and has been one of such personal growth as I face fear time and time again. 

I am really not spiritual, so I avoid work like this. This is nothing like what I thought; I am so glad I gave it a shot! 

Andrea's methods, advice, support, education, and one-on-one personalization are out-of-this-world! My heart is FULL with gratitude!


Marceline, AUS

"Radical Growth in Life and Love..."

I have a friend who highly recommended Andrea... and I saw her life skyrocket after just knowing Andrea!

I already had a killer relationship, work life, etc., but she put at all together for me, in a way that made me see things I had never seen before! Radical growth, in every area of my life and love!

Lizzie Embert

"Your no fluff policy means the world to me" 

I appreciate your straight-forward approach. Your “no fluff” policy means the world to me because I just don’t have the time or the money (or the patience!) to waste anymore.

I have spent thousands upon thousands to find that “missing piece” that was holding myself  back and you really helped to shave that down.

Ingrid Locke, Australia

"Crossing paths with you has been the most uplifting and inspiring experience"

Thanks so much  you amazing angel. Crossing paths with you and your awesomeness has been the most uplifting and inspiring experience. 

Your passion is contagious and I totally channeled that yesterday. Thanks to you everything is possible!

Bernadette Cheet

"It feels very personal and I feel you are a friend with my best interests at heart"

What you offer is spot on, no fluff, no over promising and under delivering, priced right, offer support and community. It feels very personal, and I feel you are a friend with my best interests at heart. You are passionate at what you do and teach and you pass that passion on to your girls.

Anne McKeown

"Practical, profitable information"

This girl is awesome. She’s the real deal and her training is full of practical, not to mention profitable, information!

Roma Waterhouse

"This actually is working!"

I’m so excited, this actually is working! Yesterday I was so frustrated ...And then voila! Today, blessings and shifts started coming in! One step at a time, one lesson, one module, one video, one worksheet ... I just keep taking those small actions! And WINNING!
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